Your Story...Their Journey – Part 2

In Part 1 of this Blog, we discussed how technology is helping power who we are, and the importance of gaining recognition on numerous platforms to help tell your story. Today we'll discuss more of those platforms and their role in closing the sale.

NOTE:The inordinate amount of links in Part 1 and 2 of this blog are meant to support this story and yes, to let you know more about us!

Publishing Platforms

Some might say the best way to gain the broadest audience is 80% writing and 20% speaking (and that 80% writing should be made up of 80% online and 20% offline).

I guess that's the old 80/20 rule at play once again. It's true when you consider you can probably reach a few hundred people in a trade show seminar; but possibly tens of thousands with a blog post, article, eNews and eBook, depending on your channels of distribution.

Whatever it is you publish, your work will be most fruitful if the subject matter and content are intimately intertwined throughout and within your story, and it's particularly important that your work can always be traced back to your brand.

Strive for multiple distribution channels that link to your website; that link to the chapters of your story; that link to your business offerings; that link to your shopping cart. I trust I am helping you see a pattern here.

Speaking Platforms

Whether you speak in front of live audiences,  present online webinars and videos, or all of the above; once you find what your audience responds to, sustain that voice on all of your other platform touch points.

Post your webinars and videos on numerous distribution channels, and share your power point presentations on Slideshow, but most importantly, keep the conversation going socially; convert it to engagement; and begin deliberately guiding your audience to the sale.

Wherever it is that you find your voice; learn how to use it, listen, and then adapt it to making the sale.

Social Network Channels - A directory of people, and their people

Here is an important piece to your story telling canvas. Many of us no longer want to read or buy what was produced for the masses. We'd rather hear what a friend or family member is saying we should read or buy.

In this Facebook video, they say the wisdom of crowds has moved to the wisdom of friends and fans, and they are twice as valuable as the general population, based on their purchasing behaviour.

And make sure you "Speak their Speak". Why not fast-forward their journey if you already know what their solution and "sales destination" is?  Use all of your social network findings to guide them, not only within your website, but wherever possible, straight to the sale:

  • "This is the massage that 50 of our clients "liked" this week"
  • "This facial won best on the block in our 34-44 demographic this month"
  • "This exfoliant is rated best for results by 250 of our fans".

Transparency is key and it is reshaping the relationships we have with our customers. Less broadcasting and more conversations; fewer ads, more stories; if you want to sell something to me, you'll have to listen to me. And it can happen fast. The cost, speed and resolution of messaging and communication now takes minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Combining the pieces of the puzzle

If you believe technology doesn't disconnect us, but rather strengthens and brings us together, you will see a paycheck coming from your generous story-telling efforts. And if you don't want your audience to take a journey in circles, focus on the sales destination as the climax to your story, and they will follow you there.

Your story is worth something, and when your audience commits to the journey, it can be the start of something BIG. And you know what they say:

"Start something...make it BIG...and then make it BIGGER" (and better).  Enjoy!

As of today, there'll be no more "me-too" attitude towards marketing!

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