Starting in May, we will be starting a new feature in the SpaTrade Newsletter, the Spa Stars Profile. We receive many emails each month from members asking questions about ways to increase their profitability — but we also get messages from time to time from spa employees who want to tell us about a great boss or mentor they've had. We believe it's time that we start sharing some of these stories with you, our members.

So, we are asking for your input: if you know a "Spa Star" that you would like SpaTrade to profile in an upcoming newsletter, please let us know!

A "Spa Star" is someone who...

** has helped to mentor and guide others in the spa industry

** is a fine example of how to interact with customers

** is a cheerleader about the spa industry

** has helped to create a business that has lasting impact on our industry

**has overcome adversity to become a success in a spa business

These are just a few suggestions, to get you started.

A few weeks ago, we asked for people to provide comments about Erica Miller, who passed away recently. We were so touched by the outpouring of love and affection for Erica — and we realized that there are many more people like her out there, people who work every day to improve the spa industry.

If you would like to nominate someone as a Spa Star, to be featured in the SpaTrade Newsletter, let us know — feel free to suggest as many people as you like. Just give us their name, contact info, something about their background, and a brief story (1 — 2 paragraphs, maximum) about why you believe they are a Spa Star. Please email this to [email protected] .