Canyon Ranch Celebrates 25th Anniversary of its Life Enhancement Center

The Life Enhancement Center at Canyon Ranch’s flagship property in Tucson is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a series of special events. Since its founding in 1988, the Life Enhancement Center has helped thousands of guests step on the path towards wellness.  “As our guest population began to reflect the vitality of healthy living, we decided to build this sheltered space within Canyon Ranch where guests who still needed to develop healthier lifestyles would find every possible resource for lasting change,” says founder Mel Zuckerman.

At the Center, fitness and movement classes, workshops and group discussions allow participants to explore a healthy lifestyle in the company of Canyon Ranch’s team of professionals, including physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and life management experts.

The month-long anniversary celebration started with the twice weekly “Live Younger Longer” lectures by Zuckerman, who shared his own personal journey as founder of the brand. On May 6, actress and fitness icon Jane Fonda, in “Life in the Third Act,” spoke about how to age successfully, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From May 20-24, the Life Enhancement Center will feature a five-lecture series on “25 Years of Advancements in Health and Healing,” which will cover integrative medicine, the power and meaning of spirituality and nutrition, among other topics.

The celebration concludes with a series called “Living With Joy, the Science & Skill of Happiness,” led by Gary Frost and Doug Smith, who will discuss subjects such as vitality, energy, happiness and living in the present.