Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach Introduces Mini-Health Packages

When time is of the essence, a mini treatment can be better than no treatment at all. That's why so many spas offer abbreviated versions of popular full-length treatments. Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach is going a bit further by introducing four mini packages that are intended to help put guests on the road to wellness in as few as three days. “These packages are set to transform our approach to wellness,” says Karen Koffler, M.D., Medical Director for Canyon Ranch Miami Beach. “It doesn’t have to be a dramatic, time-consuming process, just a small step in the right direction. We want people to know that addressing their health concerns can be a positive, uplifting experience.” Ranging in price from $750 to $1,200 per person, the  packages can be added to any stay of two nights or longer. They include:

Mini Stress-Buster ($750), which combines massage, acupuncture, and meditation to help reduce stress.

MIni Bone Health ($1,200) is for those concerned about their bone health. It includes a bone-density scan, a 50-minute exercise physiologist consultation, a 50-minute nutrition consultation, and a 25-minute consultation with an integrative physician.

Mini Shed the Weight ($1,200) demystifies the process of losing weight and includes a body composition test, two metabolic exercise assessments, a 50-minute fitness consultation, a 50-minute nutrition consultation, and a 50-minute consultation with an integrative physician. 

Mini Detox ($1,200) can be thought of as spring cleaning for the body. It involves a 50-minute integrative physician consultation, a 50-minute nutrition consultation, two detoxifying drinks per day, an Ayurvedic Herbal Purification, and a 50-minute Detox Wrap.

It's maximum results in the minimum amount of time. How are you catering to your time-pressed clients?