How Lacuna Botanicals is Elevating the CBD Industry

The term “lacuna” refers to the cell structure of plants. If you look under a microscope and see a gap within the cell’s structure, that is called the lacuna. Chris Diaz founded Lacuna Botanicals to fill the gap surrounding natural pain relievers in the wellness realm. But in a saturated CBD market, Diaz knew he had to come up with something that would make Lacuna Botanicals stand out. Instead of taking an average, run of the mill product and infusing it with CBD, Lacuna Botanicals develops high quality spa and wellness products to blend with high quality CBD. Pay close attention to the packaging of Lacuna's products—to reflect the brand's goal of being the wellness industry's luxury CBD brand, Lacuna stays away from the use of cannabis leaves and the typical hippie-vibe that sometimes surround CBD products.

Here, get to know Diaz and the Lacuna Botanicals host of wellness products, including a massage cream, facial and skincare goodies, and, of course, powerful tinctures and elixirs.

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