Despite terrorist threats and a sluggish economy, major hospitality chains are continuing to expand into the spa business.

Hyatt Resorts continues to build their multi-million-dollar spa division. Hyatt has maintained their commitment to having 20 luxury facilities up and running by early 2002.
New spa locations include Bonita Springs, FL (near Naples) and Lake Tahoe, NV. Other sites are said to be the works for San Antonio, TX as well as along Maryland's eastern shore, according to Hyatt Vice President Victor Lopez.

Hyatt Resorts has a new website ( dedicated to the spa experience. The site currently offers a basic listing of Hyatt spas around the world, and limited merchandise from select spas can be ordered directly from the individual spa. The site is expected to expand to include virtual tours of each spa facility.

A recent article in Hotel Business states that Marriott International plans to double the number of spas in its JW Marriott, Marriott, and Renaissance brand properties in the next three years. Marriott currently operates 21 spas in nine countries, which will increase to at least 40.

According to Marriott's VP/resorts and leisure travel Laura Bates, Marriott is looking to make its spas less intimidating and more accessible. One way is to include in-room FAQ sheets that center on spa protocol. 'Spas are viewed as primarily exclusive, luxury, and intimidating. You don't really know what to I think we are going to have to educate,' said Bates.