Check Out 5 Ways to Find Inner Peace at Omni Bedford Springs

Omni Bedord Springs resort helps guests relax with stargazingWhile many people view spas as places to relax and unwind, the way each spa-goer prefers to find serenity can differ greatly. For some, the epitome of relaxation is a massage on the beach; for others, it’s yoga on a mountain. It’s important for spas to provide something for everyone, no matter what their favorite method of relaxion is. At Springs Eternal Spa at Omni Bedford Springs Resort (PA), these new experiences are available to allow guests to explore different ways to relax.

  1. Reiki, taught by Shaman and Reiki master Cary Everett ($165, 50 minutes), is available seven days a week. This Japanese method of healing relieves stress and tension by “laying on hands” to enhance the life force energy that flows through all of us.
  2. Acutonics facilitates deep relaxation and customized healing through sound, an approach to wellness that recognizes that most diseases arise from core energy blockages. Jennifer Gehl, BM, MHSc provides guests with Acutonic treatments ($80, 25 minutes; $165, 50 minutes) using calibrated tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and the planets to tap into acupuncture points, trigger points, and points of pain.
  3. World Drumming Workshops by Jim Donovan, M.Ed. (Select dates, $50 per person) allow drummers to release excess energy through the conscious use of tempy, instrument choice and timber. This enables them to become more calm and in tune with their surroundings, using an ancient practice that has been used for millennia to promote healing, learning, and celebration.
  4. On the resort grounds, guests can explore the unspoiled night sky with guided Stargazing (complimentary, 60-90 minutes). The resort has partnered with a local university to bring telescopes and expert astronomers to the property. Guests will discover the myriad constellations over the Allegheny Mountains.
  5. Omni Bedford Springs is also offering an Eternal Indulgence Package (starting at $476 per night) to invite travelers to find their inner peace. The package includes a daily breakfast and 3-course dinner, a $100 spa credit per adult, and a welcome spa amenity per adult.

How does your spa cater to the unique relaxation needs of each guest?