The gym-goer of yesterday is not the gym-goer of today and tomorrow, according to Club Industry. The magazine performed an informal survey of fitness industry members that shows the changing nature of fitness. The top business trends of 2003 follow:

1. Community building: more than ever, people are looking for a social place to get a way from the worries of the real world—an oasis

2. Customer Service: To compete today clubs need to go all out to keep members happy

3. Diversification: People are looking for an all-inclusive experience. Clubs will need to offer spas, pools, leagues, children's programming and more.

4. Improved IT Operations: Club Owners will need to track things during the course of a month and react quickly. They will also need to improve on customer relation management (CRM) utilization

5. Community Outreach: Even if it doesn't impact the bottom line immediately, the value of long-term relationship building will be worth it.