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A rose by any other name . . . As the new economy rolls out to the fitness industry, it's not just about health clubs anymore. The impact of wellness centers and mind/body studios as well as the Internet is changing the whole landscape, so the brand must adapt. has announced that beginning September 1, 2001, it will be formally changing its name to in a move to create a brand that is more befitting to the changing landscape of the industry. Except for the name change, the ownership structure and business concept of the company remains exactly the same.

Al Valente, CEO of ClubMarket said, 'We've learned a lot about this industry since our launch last year, it's about fitness, not just health clubs. There is definitely systemic change. The sociological force of the tight coupling of health to fitness has engendered the emergence of 'wellness centers' in corporations and hospital extensions. Also, it's not necessarily about muscles and sweat, but about functional fitness, posture, balance, stress management, and mind/body.' He went on to say: 'Our company's role is facilitating commerce in the fitness industry, so before we invested too heavily in our brand, we wanted to make sure it was befitting to the times, we feel that 'FitCommerce' is spot on.' Valente went on to say: 'The only change is the name. It's still the same corporate ownership and management. Of course our business model will evolve as we experiment with where the true value of the Internet lies for this industry. We talk to vendors and facility owners every day to discover new uses of the web.'

The transition will occur over the next 4 months. ClubMarket has already registered the name FitCommerce and will be cutting the url over in September, 2001. The url will remain as a redirect for 3 months.

About ClubMarket
Based in Boston, ClubMarket, Inc. provides an online business-to-business (B2B) vertical trade community and e-commerce hub for health clubs, fitness facilities, racquet clubs, sports clubs and wellness centers. It provides owners and managers within the fitness industry with comprehensive sources of information, interaction,and e-commerce. ClubMarket provides updated industry feature stories and news,online storefronts, classifieds, auctions, RFQ postings, and group buying.