Altair Instruments Inc

DiamondTome the Face and Body Exfoliation Experts

Altair Instruments for over 40 years has been a trusted global leader in design and manufacturing of medical devices. We are the innovators of the crystal free microdermabrasion technique that is now the industry standard. We created the patented diamond tipped wand for the health of the client, professional and the environment. Diamondtome delivers consistant results for the face and body.

Featured Products


DT2 Skin Resurfacing System

The DT2 system offers the ultimate in exfolation and serum infusion.


NewApeel Skin Exfoliation System

NewApeel is the original crystal free microdermabrasion system.

NewApeel White

NewApeel Petite Exfoliation System

The NewApeel Petite exfoliation sysem for performance, quality and price.


DiamondTome Wands

The original patented DiamondTome Wands for exfoliation and serum infusion.