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Founded in 1982 and distributed in more than 50 countries, Christina Professional Skincare solutions facilitate an ongoing process of treating and preventing adverse skin conditions. Christina relies on scientifically advanced, innovative combinations of active ingredients to increase penetration and efficacy without creating any side effects.

Featured Products


ILLUSTRIOUS - Flawless skin whitening

High-performance whitening treatment revealing an illuminated, firmer, smoother, and even toned skin.

Rose de mer

ROSE DE MER - 100% natural professional peel

Ultimate 4 seasons peel composed of marine plants, minerals, salts&algae for healthy skin renovation.

Contour Kit

ABSOLUTE CONTOUR KIT Targeted treatment for the Y area

Reduces visibility of sagging skin, increases firmness and volume of the skin in the jawline & neck.


COMODEX - The comprehensive treatment for oily and blemished skin

Addresses the primary causes of oily skin & acne, supports healing process & prevents further damage.