Dr. Grandel USA / VIVARI Corp

The joy of feeling beautiful!

We have the privilege of distributing the modest, environmental loving and family-owned company, Dr. Grandel. 

Dr. Grandel's Products and Treatments stand for optimized Nature - Made In Germany. 

Their principle "We don't think in decades. We think in Generations" is basis for product development, production and serving people as a whole. Since 1947.

Featured Products

Neck Cream

BeautyGen Renew Neck Cream

Firms the neck area, tones the chin area and strengthens the V-Contour! Scientifically proven.

Pro Collagen


The innovative 'Pro Collagen Code' constructs Collagen, protects it and improves its functions!


Ampoules ... because skin needs Cocktails, too!

19 quick beautifiers for every occasion! Ask us about the SPA Ampoule Bar as your Front Desk 'Goody'.


EpiStep [email protected] kit

The perfect solution to maintain business even in times of physical distance! Email us for more info.