PH Secrets

Transforming The Way You Do CBD

At Ph Secrets, we infuse herbs, roots & oils from around the world for specific medical conditions we then add vitamins, supplements & CBD and creaty an array of products. We do custom formulations, white labeling options & use organic ingredients on our skincare products.

Featured Products

Ageless Serum

Ageless 24k Gold Anti-Aging Serum

Ageless Everyday Serum helps to improve skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This powerful serum is formulated with Pure Organic Tamanu + Echium Oil + Retinol + 24k Gold Flakes.

Ageless Nightcream


Be taken away with this night cream filled with the power of retinol, the softness of pomegranate and the strength of hyaluronic acid. Allow your skin to be treated and showoff the youthfullness within you, with our Ageless Night Restoring Cream.

Ageless Ocean

Ageless Ocean Water Facial Toner

Our Ageless Toner helps skin look visably clearer and tone in one easy single step. Enriched withOcean Water that will absorb the toxins in the body and skin, including bacteria.


Melt Away Roll On

After a long day, sit back and let the stress melt away with our amazing fast acting roll-on which contains a fast-acting combination of CBD, Magnesium & Lavender that helps ease muscle tension, relax the body and reduce inflammation.