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SMPB fosters a culture of innovation for skin wellness and technology, extraordinary modalities, pure ingredients and proven protocols.

Featuring our flagship modality – the NanoFusion Pen permeation device - improves penetration and efficacy of product 1,000x by creating temporary nano-channels in the epidermis. NanoFusion does not use needles and is ideal for all licensed estheticians and medical pros.

Featured Products

NanaFusion Pen

NanoFusion Basic Pen Package

Original Pen + 20 tips + P&T Manual. Special Offering $499 (Value $699).

Nanofusion Pen

NanoFusion Pen + Product Pack

Original Pen + 20 tips + P&T Manual + 4 Pro size products; Serums: Perfecting, Prolong, Finishing + Moisture Infusion; Special Offering $599 (Value $869).

Pro Package

Pro Product Package

Serums: Prolong, Perfecting, Finishing + Moisture Infusion; Retail sizes: C-Fusion, Vitamin D, Niacin & Red Sage, Retinol, Pycnogenol, AHA/BHA + Ice Roller; Special Offering $245 (Value $395).

Nanofusion Elementals

Changing the Game in Skin Care

Changing the Game in Skin Care - The NanoFusion Pen by Skin Moderne Professional Beauty, Inc.