The 2002 Condé Nast Readers poll reveals travelers' top spas in North America and the Caribbean. 4,000 Condé Nast reader rated 230 cruise ship spas and destination, resort, and urban hotel spas in North America. Six criteria were used to evaluate destination spas: Location/Setting, Rooms, Diet/Cuisine, Staff/Service, Treatments, Spa Programs/Facilities. Resort spas were also rated on 'Other activities' and Urban Hotel Spas included Workout Facilities and no Room category.

Highlights of the poll are as follows:

• Hawaii was the most popular destination for resort spas, occupying almost one third of the resort spa choices (9 of the 25 slots)

• New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles were the top urban spa locations (with 2 each in the top 10)

• Four Seasons supplied three of the top five resort spas as well as the top three urban hotel spas (1. Boston, MA, 2. Chicago, IL, and 3. New York, NY). Also had properties among the top five for Spa Programs and diet and cuisine.

• Two Historical mineral spring spas were in the top ten. Greenbrier was ranked third and was also in the top five for diet and cuisine. The Homestead was rated ninth in the resort spas category.

• Canyon Ranch had three spas in the top 20. Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires was #1 in both the destination spas and Spa Programs categories, while Canyon Ranch Health Resort Tuscon ranked 4th among destination spas, and 2nd in Spa Programs. Ranch Spa Club at the Venetian was 19th in the resort spa category.