Cures by Avancé Announces Asia Distribution Partner

CURES By Avancé announced its newest partnership in Singapore with Ning Pte Ltd. Ning has appointed Expressions International exclusive dealers to use CURES in its spa and wellness centers. Dr. Theresa Chew-Tan, founder of Expressions International, has actively been involved in the wellness, beauty, and spa industry for the past 22 years. She started Expressions out of her personal need and desire to be healthy and to improve her overall appearance and self-image. As one of the early entrants to the market, Expressions has pioneered the concept of "total wellness" where looking good and feeling good is a natural consequence of being healthy and fit. Expressions offers a full range of services and products to support their clients as they reach for their health and fitness goals. “We are beyond excited to launch CURES By Avancé in Singapore with Expressions International," says Dee DeLuca-Mattos, vice president of CURES By Avancé. "The decades of expertise and proprietary knowledge make it a credible spa and health provider in Asia and an even greater partner for CURES By Avancé’s growing global business.”