'I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They'd be happier.'

- Joseph Hubertus Pilates, in 1965, age 86

ALLURE PILATES SPA Beverly Hills: A True Fitness Spa

Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts & Full Service Body & Beauty Therapies

"Body & Face, All in One Place"Ô

Beverly Hills, CA — Visits to spas and fitness clubs have long been thought of as a luxury for the lucky. But now that spas have grown from 50 in the U.S. to nearly 10,000 in the past 20 years; are consumers ready for the idea that exercise and spa treatments are actually physical therapy for all-over wellness? Anita Neumann thinks so. That's why the former owner of a chain of physical therapy centers has now opened a true Fitness Spa in Beverly Hills, Allure Pilates Spa.

Spa treatments and fitness classes offered at this new urban haven are designed to benefit total mind and body wellness. There's a studio for group classes including Pilates, Belly Dancing and Kung You (a blend of Martial Arts & Yoga). Pilates instruction is also offered in two private studios. Five different spa treatment rooms are found on the fitness spa's upper level. The menu offers seven different massages including Hot Stone & Shiatsu and facials range from mini to microdermabrasion...there's even a meditation facial! And, instead of chemical nail services, Allure Pilates offers an organic spa treatments designed for hands and feet.

"About ten years ago, I realized that I wanted to do more than just treat one injury and one area of the body and then send clients off on their way," explains Neumann. "So I became the first to offer Pilates in a physical therapy center in Los Angeles back in 1997. And now Allure Pilates — with our philosophy of 'Body & Face All in One Place' -- is a natural extension of that whole body philosophy.'

The front line of any spa philosophy is its staff. Neumann says her formula is to hire both spa and the fitness staff that not only have the training and skill set she's looking for, but that also share her belief in mind/body wellness. And, since the backbone of her fitness offerings are Pilates based, Neumann deliberately hires Pilates instructors with training in different methods in order to keep it interesting for her regular clients who might interact with 2 or 3 different teachers in one week. However, Neumann says that the Pilates instructors at her fitness spa all still must have orthopedic backgrounds and adhere to the main Pilates principles of mental focus, breath control, muscle elongation and building core (stomach) strength.

"Most of the time our guests come to us in a bad mood because either they're physically hurt or they're out of shape," says Neumann. "We look for both fitness instructors and spa therapists who are positive, energetic and have a real desire to help people." And, in a real departure for most spas that offer fitness, the left hand knows what the right is doing. Pilates instructors recommend specific spa treatments that might help enhance the work they're doing on clients bodies. Spa therapists help their clients understand the added benefits of fitness programs for their skin and body.

The majority of Neumann's Pilates private Pilates customers come from client referrals. Pilates based rehab patients coming to Allure Pilates Spa are referred by doctors who know they can depend on Neumann's programs since she worked with a physical therapist to create specific Pilates protocols for problems with the neck, back, shoulder, knees, ankles, etc. In this way her clients can also work on healing specific areas as they progress toward overall wellness.

She says clients tell her they come seeking complete relief and leave feeling absolutely energized. Now, more than just helping rehabilitate one area of the body, Neumann has a way to offer clients a holistic approach to proactive wellness.

ABOUT ALLURE PILATES SPA — "Body & Face All in One Place"

Allure Pilates Spa is a fully integrated 2,800 sq. ft. tri level urban fitness and wellness spa offering unique exercise programs, effective skincare treatments and relaxing massage to replenish, revitalize and renew on the inside and outside. Founder Anita Neumann selects innovative services with the intent of optimizing physical and mental strength.

Allure Pilates Spa is located at 9701 S. Santa Monica Blvd (Cnr. Roxbury Drive) in Beverly Hills. For appointments call 310 777 0201 and for more information visit


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