CynosureSpaCynosure, Inc., a leading developer of medical and aesthetic lasers and light-based systems sponsors a series of educational technology workshops for physicians and others interested in providing non-invasive, aesthetic procedures to remove hair, treat vascular lesions, and rejuvenate skin.

Hosted throughout the world, Cynosure workshops cover topics that include laser physics and safety, aesthetic treatment capabilities, to business and marketing strategies. Those curious about introducing lasers to their clinic or spa benefit immensely from attending a workshop as they also learn about turn key solutions to starting a profitable practice.

"With so many light-based systems available it's easy to get confused. It is imperative to understand the science and physiology behind lasers and light-based treatment systems before a truly informed decision can be made." says Marina Kamenakis, VP of Marketing for Cynosure, Inc. "The key is to find which piece of equipment best fits the needs of your practice and patients."

Cynosure's products incorporate a broad range of laser and other light-based energy sources including Alexandrite, pulse-dye, Nd:YAG and diode lasers, as well as intense pulsed light.

Registrants who attend a Cynosure workshop are also eligible to win a free Garmin iQue 3600® PDA with integrated GPS technology*.

*Offer ends 12/31/2005.

To register, or for more information, contact:

Shannon Burke
[email protected]
800-886-2966 ext. 371
Or fax 800-517-8289
[email protected]

Workshop Dates:


9-10 Tysons Corner, VA
9-10 Toronto, ON
9-11 Philadelphia, PA
9-17 Montreal, PQ
9-17 Memphis, TN
9-17 Tarrytown, NY
9-17 Burlingame, CA
9-24 Boston, MA
9-24 Palm Beach, CA
9-24 Kansas City, MO
9-24 Vancouver, BC


10-1 Charlotte, NC
10-1 Chicago, IL
10-2 New York, NY
10-15 Providence, RI
10-15 Cleveland, OH
10-16 Birmingham, MI
10-22 Boca Raton, FL
10-29 Raleigh, NC
10-29 San Jose, CA
10-29 Newport Beach, CA


11-5 Denver, CO
11-5 Houston, TX
11-5 Nashville, TN
11-5 St. Louis, MO
11-12 San Juan, PR
11-12 Marina Del Rey, CA
11-12 Uniondale/Garden City, NY
11-13 Princeton, NJ
11-19 Williamsburg, VA
11-19 Toronto, ON
11-19 Birmingham, MI
11-19 Cincinatti, OH
11-26 Quebec City, PQ


12-3 Tampa, FL
12-3 Vancouver, BC
12-3 Dallas, TX
12-3 Las Vegas, NV
12-3 New York, NY
12-10 Chicago, IL
12-10 Atlanta, GA
12-10 San Francisco, CA