Dermalogica and IDI Support Community Initiatives in Boston

In response to the recent terrorist bombings in Boston, Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute have committed resources to the survivors and Boston community as a whole through several initiatives taking place during the month of May. Donations will be collected through designated class and treatment fees, which will then be passed onto One Fund Boston, the emergency aid organization created by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino to support victims and families touched by the bombing.

From May 13 to 24, 17 IDI locations in the US will donate 100% of their class fees to the cause. Meanwhile, all four Dermalogica concept spaces (Santa Monica, New York City Soho and Chelsea, and Scottsdale) will donate 100% of the proceeds from MicroZone treatments performed on Saturday, May 11.

Says Jane Wurwand, founder of the Dermalogica brand, “The bombs went off right outside our original International Dermal Institute on Boylston Street. We have had strong ties to the Boston community for over 10 years and many of us have lived, worked and taught there. That story could have been our story. It is an ongoing nightmare that too many victims and families will be living for the rest of their lives as they try to recover and heal. We all make that journey with them as Boston shows once again that they are patriots, survivors and strong.”