Digital Detox at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas spa

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas spaI was never a big fan of Pokémon as a child. If catching them all didn't catch my attention then, you can be certain I am not a fan of Pokémon Go now either. Just this morning my roommate and I were discussing how the last thing our society needs is another addicting app disconnecting people from real life. Isn’t technology by itself addicting enough? While the game got thousands of people off of their couches, it still kept their eyes glued to the small screen with heads bowed (hello spine injury). To counteract the technology addiction, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas is offering a Digital Detox Weekend Retreat for those who need to log off their devices.

The 48-hour detox will be valid from September 9 to 11, starting at $699. The weekend begins with a personal consultation to understand their current device habits and choose their digital detox regimen.  Guests can choose to have no access to devices for the duration of the retreat or a partial detox where phones will be returned to the participant during agreed upon times. Guests will have a welcome reception Friday night, followed by Welcome Yoga Saturday morning. The will include several activities ranging from nutrition talk, to healthy smoothie demonstration, to meditation. Participants will also have time to read, journal, color, swim, enjoy silence, or enjoy a calming spa treatment.

Does your spa offer a technology-free getaway?