Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Acquires Manicube

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa has acquired Manicube, an in-office beauty and grooming service, as part of an effort to expand the company’s offerings beyond the spa. Manicube’s team of trained, expert technicians will continue to serve their weekly nail and barbering customers. In addition, the partnership between Red Door and Manicube will help companies infuse wellness into their corporate culture by offering employees an expanded menu of in-office beauty and wellness services, starting in 2016. “Our two companies share a vision to provide clients with exceptional service, top quality products, and beauty and grooming solutions that are adapted to today’s consumers’ needs,” says Liz Whitman, cofounder and president of Manicube. “We anticipate the power of the Red Door brand will help us accelerate Manicube’s growth in additional corporate and group event channels.” “With Manicube, Red Door Spa is redefining beauty and wellness experiences,” says Todd Walter, CEO of Red Door Spa Holdings. “Together we are creating a new model and standard for the industry, employing top trained and licensed technicians to service consumers at their convenience, when and where they work, or at the spa."