Enchantment Group Announces "Che Ah Chi" Documentary

Enchantment Group announced today the completion of its first documentary, Che Ah Chi, and its scheduled debut at the 2009 Sedona International Film Festival on Tuesday, February 24 and Friday, February 27. Che Ah Chi, the Apache name for a legendary red rock canyon near Sedona, Ariz., is a 30-minute film featuring interviews with tribal elders and geological experts that generously share their oral history and wisdom of the mysterious canyon with Native American filmmaker and director RJ Joseph.

The red rock canyon depicted in the film is known today as Boynton Canyon, and is the dramatic setting for the world renowned Enchantment Resort and Mii amo spa. High-powered winds and weather conditions millions of years ago are said to have shaped this picturesque spiritual canyon, the said birthplace of the Yavapai and Apache tribes. Joseph, the resort and spa's Director of Native American Programming, has been working on the documentary for the past 18 months in conjunction with Enchantment Group and Moccasin Path Productions.

'The film features Native Americans and experts telling an intriguing history of Boynton Canyon's dramatic earth changes, prehistoric ruins, creation stories, inhabitants and its healing waters,' said Mark Grenoble, president of Enchantment Group. 'It is important to document the history of Boynton Canyon, ensuring future generations can fully understand its importance and significance. We had the privilege to document tribal elders revealing information usually reserved only for their own storytelling circles. Che Ah Chi gives viewers the opportunity to witness their deep insights into their respective cultures and gain a greater respect for this intricate canyon.'

In addition to several interviews, the documentary showcases archived photographs taken in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that help illustrate the histories of the various cultures that called the red rock landscape home. Juxtaposed against high definition footage of today's protected Boynton Canyon, the imagery brings an exciting vibrancy to the many legends and history that surround the canyon.

'Che Ah Chi is certainly one of the most important documentaries I have ever worked on. Interviewing elders from Apache, Navajo, Yavapai and Hopi tribes was a rewarding process of revelation and trust, many of the stories span hundreds of years into the past,' said Joseph. 'The stories that surround the history of the canyon have been closely guarded, and I appreciate their willingness to share their sacred beliefs with us.'

All of the people involved in the making and production of Che Ah Chi were familiar with Boynton Canyon's significance and local to Arizona. Bob Bear, Apache elder and the co-producer of the documentary, brought the crew into the homes of Yavapai and Apache elders and stories were able to be shared freely for the documentary. Aaron White, a Grammy-nominated artist, created the soundtrack of music featured in Che Ah Chi with his prized flutes. Susan Leslie Green, editor and voice over for the documentary is an Arizona resident and has worked with Hopi, Navajo and Apache filmmakers for more than 5 years.