FIT Bodywrap Welcomes Infrared Research Pioneer as New Medical Director

Aaron M Flickstein, D.C. Emeritus (retired), C.B.T., C.Y.TFIT Bodywrap, the leader in infrared weight loss, detoxification, and pain relief thermowrap systems, welcomed Aaron M Flickstein, D.C. Emeritus (retired), C.B.T., C.Y.T., as medical director. “We are excited to be working with Dr. Flickstein, considered to be one of the foremost authorities on the effects of far infrared radiation on the human body,” says Sandy Weisman, general manager for FIT Bodywrap. “His contributions will be invaluable as we continue to maximize the effectiveness of the current FIT Bodywrap system and develop future innovative health and wellness solutions.” In addition to conducting primary and secondary research for FIT Bodywrap, Flickstein will help maximize effectiveness of the company’s current products while directing development of the next generation of wellness products. “FIT Bodywrap is the company I’ve chosen because of their dedication to excellence and the outstanding product they’ve developed,” says Flickstein. “From a basic research point of view it’s crystal clear that there are many benefits to sweating induced by infrared heat, and I look forward to developing new, life- changing solutions for weight loss, pain relief, cardiovascular conditioning, and other conditions with FIT Bodywrap."

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