Foot Care Products Market to Surpass $900 Million by 2011

The U.S. foot care market kicked up its heels for the first time in several years with a 5.7% sales increase in 2006, reaching $793 million in over-the-counter medication and device sales. Sales are expected to continue growing at a conservative pace, exceeding $900 million by 2011, according to Foot Care Products in the U.S., a new report from Packaged Facts.

Private-label sales, which accounted for 44% of the $43 million increase in 2006, have taken a step forward in the market as consumer demand for both premium and value-priced products increased and as consumers become increasingly loyal to store brands.

Foot care medication sales are expected to outrun foot care device sales growth by 2011, but device sales have already proven they can go the distance. Foot care devices increased sales by 9% in 2006, catching up with medication sales for the first time since 2003.

The shift toward niche categories and emphasis on increasing household penetration will continue to gain momentum in the coming years as marketers race to change the definition of foot care with spa and beauty products. The 77-million strong Baby Boomer community is also expected to contribute to the foot care product market's steady growth.

'The foot care market has evolved from being a prescription-driven business to a self-care, consumer-driven one,' notes Tatjana Meerman, Managing Editor of Packaged Facts. 'People over 50 represent 50% of consumer spending, and they are more likely to experiment, research health and wellness issues, and value exercise and healthful diets in a never ending attempt to stay young.'

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