A former New Jersey podiatrist was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for injecting women with Botox to at parties in their home without a medical license.

Stephen Saul voluntarily surrendered his license to practice podiatry in 2001 due to drug charges. He went to a drug-treatment program, successfully completed it and awaited reinstatement.

But there were delays and he was running out of money. He decided to take up his practice again and began working at two area spas where he would do laser hair removal and arrange with women to go to their homes to inject Botox.

On Dec. 2, Saul pleaded guilty to practicing medicine without a license, for administering the injections, and a heath-care claims fraud charge. Saul admitted at his December plea hearing that between June and September he administered Botox injections and wrote prescriptions that were submitted to health-care providers even though he was not licensed to practice medicine.

On Sept. 10, two undercover investigators from the Prosecutor's Office met with Saul at a spa in Galloway Township. Saul explained the injection procedure. His fees were $200 for an injection between the eyebrows, $250 for the forehead and $250 to temporarily get rid of crow's feet. Saul's prices were about $100 less for each procedure than the going rate. He said he also did laser hair removal.