Future of Spa is in New York City

Future Spa at the Standard East Village

I don't have a crystal ball, but if the Future Spa pop-up in New York City is any indication, there are three key treatments set to take the spa industry by storm.The pop-up launched April 9 at the Standard East Village hotel and is open Saturdays in April from 11 am to 4 pm, making tomorrow its last day (in this location for now). "I believe Future Spa will lead the way into a different generation of spa treatments," says Anthony Arango, managing partner of The Cryosphere Cryotherapy. "What you see at The Standard East Village, is just a sampling of what our overall service will look like.  In general, look for a client sensitive, time sensitive, client specific,  natural approach to health and wellness. One size does not fit all, and our vision, is to create a more unique and natural experience, while utilizing, in many cases, 21st century technology and know how."

Here's a look at the treatment triple threat:

NutriDripThe IV infusion service is typically offered only in-home, but Future Spa visitors can try a quick drip ($99, 10 minutes) or full hydration drip (25 to 40 minutes). Even better, NutriDrip's B12 and glutathione booster shots will also be available for free.

Cryosphere: The cryo facial (5 minutes) offers a blast of liquid nitrogen as cold as 160 degrees C. The cold-therapy treatment triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins. It sets spa-goers up for happy healing.

HigherDoseUsing infrared heat, the body wrap detox ($45, 30 to 35 minutes) claims to burn upward of 600 calories per hour, no movement required. The treatment gets a kick start with a shot of a cayenne-based juice to encourage more sweating and comes to a conclusion with coconut oil to rub on skin. Spa-goers can make the most of their sedentary time by listening to music or meditating. During the treatment, clients typically listen to music or meditate.

Future Spa has been consistently booked up, so spa-goers are certainly interested in the innovative approaches offered here. "What I’m really excited about is bringing together cutting-edge wellness and integrative therapy in one house, so they can be used together to really proactively boost wellness, but also treat certain ailments,” says Asa Kitfield, managing partner at NutriDrip. “People who have chronic illnesses, whether it’s arthritis, or autoimmune disorders, there is usually an underlying issue that can be addressed. It is Eastern medicine meets Western medicine.” Stay tuned for more news on the trio of wellness coming together in a permanent location in Midtown this spring.