Global Good Deeds

earth day, spa earth day, forest conservation, eco-friendly spas, spa by clarins, the spa at omni, hiatus spa, spa at pier house resort, spa valmontToday I read a truly sobering statistic; humans have cut down or damaged at least 75 percent of the world’s forests. In spite of this deforestation, hope still remains as a growing environmental movement has encouraged awareness and action in the forests around the world. The Costa Rican rain forest, one of the hardest hit areas, is coming back thanks to a conservation push, and other regions are seeing similar regrowth. Whether or not your spa is in the tropics or nestled in a forest, trees matter to you and your clients. Offering natural and eco-friendly services is just one way the industry is helping regrow the forests around the world. Here are a few notable Earth Day treatments that make a difference in the environment and in clients' lives:

  • Earth Day - Sea of Life Facial ($130, 50 minutes; $150, 80 minutes) at The Spa at Pier House Resort (Key West, FL): Skin is infused with a unique selection of repairing activates formulated with antioxidants, organic seaweed extracts, vitamin C, and Hyaluronic acid through organic Osea products, while neck and shoulders are massaged and hands and feet are pampered.
  • Earth Day - Earth & Sea Scrub ($150, 50 minutes) at The Spa at Pier House Resort (Key West, FL): A purifying, organic, bio-scrub blend of gigartina seaweed, lavender, and salts of the earth are used to prepare skin for the following polish and purification of pores while providing a protective barrier of moisture on skin.
  • April Monthly Retreat: Earth’s Embrace (starting at $128, 80 minutes) at Hiatus Spa + Retreat (multiple locations in Texas): This delectable service celebrates Earth’s riches in a luxurious, skin-quenching experience while conserving water in honor of Earth Month. It begins with a gentle dry brush exfoliation to smooth and tone the skin, followed by a hot stone full body massage with nourishing butters and a wrap. For extra peace of mind, a protion of proceeds from the service are contributed to local clean water initiatives at Gulf Restoration Network and Lower Mississippi River Keeper.
  • The Islands of the World – Aromatic Island Treatment (2 hours) at Spa Valmont at Le Meurice (Paris): This luxurious two-hour body treatment consists of natural ingredients including a honey and citrus zest body scrub, a plant essence body mask, and a Barbary fig modelage ointment.
  • Hanakasumi Treatment (50 minutes) at The Spa at The Omni Homestead Resort (VA): This nourishing body treatment honors Earth Day and is inspired by Japanese tradition. It begins with an exfoliation of cherry blossom and rice powder. A unique foot massage revives vital energy and is completed with an application of melted aromatic butting, bringing blissful – and natural – relaxation.
  • Fruit and Salt Scrub at Spa by Clarins at Le Guanahani (St. Barth): In line with the hotel’s eco-friendly “blue-green” ethic, this 100 percent natural exfoliating treatment with white jasmine, lavender, and plant essential oils leaves skin feeling luxuriously smooth and soft.
  • Fire, Rock, Water and Light (starting at $249) at The Spa at Omni Grove Park Inn (Asheville, NC): The signature body treatment blends the natural elements of the spa into one luxurious experience, including a full body exfoliation, a softening soak, a healing body masque, and a Vichy waterfall massage.

To make a positive impact on the environment it takes effort 365 days, not just on Earth Day. Check out our Green Guide in the April issue for more ideas to keep your spa green throughout the year.