Global Spa & Wellness Summit Challenges Industry to Provide Access to Standards and Practices

The Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) has challenged the industry to provide open access to various criteria that have been adopted in an effort to provide insight into standards and practices currently in use by entities that make up the global spa and wellness industry. The GSWS has created the first hub for standards and practices. It currently lists the initial group of countries, associations, and accreditation entities that promote industry standards, practices, and codes, as well as companies that monitor practices and/or do mystery shopping, and award programs that require specific criteria for evaluation. Standards and practices in the spa and wellness industry can include thousands of quality and safety criteria, including standards for medical and cosmetic procedures, facilities and equipment, service providers, patient/client considerations, and client records. “Establishing a code of ethics, standards and practices, and accreditation for our industry is a valuable idea," says Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of GSWS. "It is what consumers want, it lifts our industry to a more professional level, and best practices and standards ensure safety. However, there are far too many cultural and regional customs to make universal standards feasible. That’s why implementing a hub where a variety of criteria will be available is so important.” The topic of industry standards and practices will be on the agenda at the upcoming 2013 Summit that will be held at The Oberoi, Gurgaon in New Delhi, India, Oct. 5 to 7. For more information, visit