Go Ahead, Make His Day

You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite movie, and you can tell even more by their favorite movie quote. This Father’s Day, Larchmont Sanctuary Spa (Los Angeles) is enticing dads to visit with treatments inspired by iconic lines from the silver screen. “We really just wanted these packages to be fun,” says Tina Figueroa, a former tech executive and new owner of Larchmont Sanctuary Spa. “The movie idea came from listening to guy friends tell stories and make their points by quoting lines from movies. They should know that hanging out at our spa is a great way to unwind and feel as comfortable as they would in the living room of a friend.” These Father’s Day specials are sure to appeal to all dads:

“Go Ahead, Make My Day” ($199, 1 hour 35 minutes): For the Guy’s Guy who’s all grown up, but still young at heart. This dad loves watching sports, playing sports with his buddies, and manning the grill on the weekend. This retreat includes a 60-minute Stress Away Warm Stone Massage, a 15-minute Foot Reflexology, and a 20-minute Coppertino Bath & Craft Beer.

“I Love You. I Know” ($285, 80 minutes): For the devoted dad who proudly drives the family minivan, works hard, travels often, and is time challenged to find “us” time. This one is a romantic couple’s retreat that includes a 60-minute Couples Stress Away Warm Stone Massage and a 20-minute Couples Champagne Bath for Two.

“You’re So Money and You Don’t Even Know It” ($229, 1 hour 50 minutes): For the dad who’s never off-duty, is casually confident, and never afraid to help around the house and get his hands dirty. He’s a cool dad that deserves a little downtime. This package includes a 75-minute Jade Stone Massage, a 15-minute Scalp Therapy Massage, and a 20-minute Coppertino Bath & Craft Beer.

“Make Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse” ($329, 3 hours 5 minutes): For the dad who works hard, plays hard, and strives to be number one in everything he does. This dad takes his laptop on vacation and secretly checks emails when he thinks no one is looking. He’s never without his device and has a hard time relaxing, but make him an offer he can’t refuse… This retreat includes a 90-minute Deep Tissue Massage, a 75-minute Deep Cleansing Enzyme Facial, and a 20-minute Coppertino Bath & Craft Beer.

Larchmont also offers a quick tech relief add-on, “Do You Think I Deserve Your Full Attention?” For anyone who works long hours on computers, this acupressure massage focuses on strategic pressure points and muscles of the arms, hands, and shoulders to alleviate tension from work stress and repetitive motion.

Does your spa use pop culture to appeal to potential clients?