Gold Medal Massages

Sports enthusiast or not, the Olympics are a must-watch for the ultimate in health and fitness. It’s truly incredible to me to see what the athletes can achieve and marvel in the hard work it took to get them there. Naturally, spa treatments have their place for these athletes, relieving sore muscles and much more. Here are a few Olympian-worthy treatments offered by International Spa Association members.

  • Heavenly Spa at the Westin Beach Resort & Spa (Fort Lauderdale, FL) offers the Cold Stone De-stress Massage ($135, 50 minutes; $185, 80 minutes), a fusion of massage techniques involving cold stones and a unique blend of essential oils that reduces swelling, inflammation and soreness.
  • Rancho La Puerta (San Diego) offers the WATSU ($145, 60 minutes), a therapeutic, aquatic healing technique that moves the body fluidly through warm water to promote a state of relaxation in the muscles and nervous system.
  • Sense, A Rosewood Spa at CordeValle (San Martin, CA) offers the Grape Seed and Cherry Bark Scrub ($220, 90 minutes; $290, 2 hours), a vinotherapy exfoliation that smoothens and nourishes the skin, easing cardiovascular conditions and improving circulation.
  • Skin Sense (Raleigh, NC) offers a double treatment: the Sugar and Salt Scrub ($50, 25 minutes) with Deep Tissue Massage ($85, 50 minutes; $135, 80 minutes; $160, 1 hour 40 minutes) and Hydrotherapy Bath before the athletic event to soften tissue and loosen muscles, and the Cold Stone Swedish Massage ($135, 80 minutes), Muscle Soothing Arnica Massage and Wrap ($145, 80 minutes; $190, 1 hour 40 minutes) and Tepid Hydrotherapy Bath for after the athletic event to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.
  • SoHo Sanctuary (New York City) offers the Sports Massage ($85, 30 minutes; $150, 60 minutes), a treatment that focuses on a specific area or muscle to relieve chronic pain or restricted range of motion due to sports-related injuries pre- and post-event.
  • Bloom Spa at The Sebastian Vail (CO) offers the Morning Glory, a blast of peppermint-infused oxygen accompanying a series of stretches and warming foot balm designed to re-energize and balance the body.

Is your spa in medal contention for its Olympic promotions?