Green Globe to Establish International Benchmarking for Spa Operations using Six Senses as model

Green Globe, the international certification body that developed environmentally responsible benchmarking for resort construction, accommodation and operations is developing Sector Benchmarking Indicators (SBI) for spa operation using the independently verified EarthCheck benchmarking system.

These Sector Benchmarking Indicators for Spa Operations will be the first eco-label for the global spa industry.

Up until the introduction of this programme, spas have traditionally been benchmarked through the resorts and hotels in which they operate, rather than independently. As Six Senses Spas have been a driving force in environmentally friendly spa development and operations, it was a natural progression that Green Globe and Six senses should join resources to develop benchmarking for spa operations.

Comprehensive data from Six Senses Spas has been collected and compiled for analysis of spa performance in order to set baseline and best-practice standards, as endorsed by EarthCheck. The many benchmarking indicators, which include all aspects of water usage and energy efficiency, will become the integral part of the Green Globe Sector Benchmarking Indicators for spa operations.

With total commitment to this sponsored programme, every Six Senses Spa has enrolled for Green Globe Affiliation, with Benchmarked status scheduled before the end of 2007, and full Certification by 2008. As future Six Senses Spas are developed, they will also enrol for affiliation and benchmarking.

With this commitment, Six Senses Spas takes a leading role in the spa industry as an environmentally responsible spa operator.

Six Senses Spas currently operate in the group's Soneva and Evason properties in Thailand, Vietnam and the Maldives. They are also hosted in resorts and hotels in Spain, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Qatar. New developments include Europe, Asia, the Americas and Pacific regions.