10 New Sweet Treatments at Exhale

exhale spa menu launchIt’s hard to muster up the energy to work out, especially when the temperatures drop. Sometimes all spa-goers want to do is lay down, stretch out, and hand the hour over to a massage therapist. Spas that offer both fitness and relaxing treatments can entice clients with new services and encourage them to keep up their exercise routines too. Exhale (multiple locations) is doing just that with 10 menu additions that are just what February needed and are here to stay.

Facials (starting at $200, 60 minutes) New facials incorporate high-energy sound waves that ease skin congestion and slow aging by effectively penetrating and planting antioxidants deep into the skin, a cooling after-sun service formulated with healing ingredients such as aloe vera to replenish and cool dehydrated skin.

Massages ($215, 90 minutes) One highlight is the new combination therapy, which incorporates yoga, acupressure, and relaxation techniques followed by a 60-minute restorative massage of your choice.

Scrubs + More (starting at $180, 60 minutes)Spa-goers can get their glow on before the big romantic holiday with a signature Glow Body Scrub that detoxifies and exfoliates the skin and de-stress with a massage. They can also take a quick trip to Tahiti with a lemongrass and coconut sugar body scrub infused with Tahitian oils, finished with a nutrient-rich tropical oil blend to lock in moisture and the radiant feeling of never-ending summer.

Nails (starting at $50, 45 minutes for adults; $20, 30 minutes for children under 12) Cuticles are treated with an all-natural, petroleum-free mask alternative to paraffin to make your hands so irresistibly soft, nobody will want to let go of them. A lavish blend of palm, soy, jojoba, and organic coconut oils with Shea butter will rehydrate coarse winter skin, and a hot stone massage will make spa-goers never want to wear socks again. Or, try an Epsom salt soak to alleviate sore active feet. Children deserve a little glam, too! A yummy candy apple oil bubble bath to soothe busy feet, and an apple cream lotion massage to sweeten little hearts should do the trick (offered at Exhale Florida locations only).