16 Wellness Trends for 2016

Meditation photo credit Felix KunzeWhen it comes to wellness, the more the merrier. That's why we're excited to share the 16 trends selected by the Well+Good team that are sure to make an impact in the year ahead. Click on the links for all the details of each trend and how you can incorporate it in your personal wellness and your spa.

  1. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bowls What started with smoothie bowls, has quickly expanded into a variety of lunches and dinners that fit neatly into a bowl and a nutritious diet.
  2. Athleisure Workout clothes constantly outpace denim, growing by at least 5 percent annually according to Barclays.
  3. Seaweed is the new kale Called a miracle food by The New Yorker, seaweed is touted for potent nutrients, skincare benefits, and fighting climate change.
  4. Uberization of beauty and spa services On-demand services prove the spa and beauty world has embraced the tech-enabled sharing economy.
  5. Minerals are the real health rockstars Upping intake of minerals, especially magnesium, is linked to a host of health and fitness benefits.
  6. Intense fitness programs heat up Fitness programs that also include lifestyle elements, nutrition and health coaching, are growing steadily.
  7. Sippable skincare products Beauty-boosting beverages are loaded with nutrients that fight a variety of skin concerns.
  8. Meditation gets social Meditation is going mainstream and mass-meditation events prove mindfulness has wide-reaching and social appeal.
  9. Matcha energizes everything Japanese green tea in powdered form is a trendy new staple in coffee shops, dedicated boutiques, and restaurant entrees.
  10. Wellness goes in-room at hotels Hotels build in fitness to appeal to travelers.
  11. Superherbs fight stress Adaptogens are plants with superpowers to help the body adapt to and handle stress in a healthy way.
  12. Nut and seed milks overflowing Nut and seed milks are replacing cold-pressed juices as the beverages du jour.
  13. Instagram creates fitness celebrities Today's fitness celebrity was born on Instagram and has millions of followers tracking their every healthy move.
  14. Oil cleansers prove effective Cleansers based on natural plant oils are super gentle and effective.
  15. Mainstream diet brands refocus on wellness Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers are updating to include healthy lifestyle components as motivation.
  16. Fitness fuels a healthy mind The growing Millennial philosophy of fitness focuses on working out to ease anxiety and feel strong, not just to lose weight.