American Spa Team Gives Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are all so grateful to our loyal readers for your continued support and beautiful business ideas that help us fill the pages of American Spa with inspiring content. I’m excited to continue the tradition of sharing what we’re all thankful for this year. I think it makes coworkers feel more like family and brings us all closer together.

“I’m thankful for my health and that of my loved ones this season. A few of those near and dear to me have recently had some scares that have, mercifully, proven to be unfounded or at least resolvable. But it makes me grateful every day for my healthy children and for the fact that they are being raised among a village of loved ones and family members who are thriving and can enjoy them. It is a gift for which I am eternally appreciative.”—Julie Keller Callaghan, editor-in-chief and publisher

“I’m thankful for my new nephew, a true bundle of joy who has brought only love and laughter to the entire family.”—Heather Mikesell, executive editor

“This year my husband and I had a baby and moved back home after living abroad for 2 years. Both have been challenging and exciting in their own ways....and despite how these things have sometimes been difficult, I'm very grateful for new adventures in our life!!”—Kara Magliaro, interim art director

“I’m thankful for a year of adventure and new challenges. My husband and I explored several new countries this year and adopted a puppy. I’m so thankful for his support and partnership through the rollercoaster of life.”—Jennifer Nied, senior editor

"I am thankful for wine during an election."—Kristina Panter, director, integrated media sales, western region

"Thanksgiving is one of my personal favorite holidays, it gives us all a chance to slow down, stop the noise and reflect on what is truly most important which for me is health and love."—Lucy Hugo, director, integrated media sales, eastern region

“I am thankful for my supportive and loving family and friends, inspiring and talented colleagues, and the innovative spa and wellness industry that I get to learn something new and interesting from everyday.”—Darby Radcliff, editorial & sales coordinator

"After my father’s stroke and thereafter brain surgery I am thankful for his speedy recovery and the strength of my family to come together and lift each other up during a hard time. Oh, and definitely my Aunt Carrie’s cooking.”—Troy Graham, production specialist

“I am thankful for the opportunity to study, work, and live in New York and to be surrounded by people who are passionate about their work in the field of journalism. It has been amazing to wake up every day and learn something new and exciting, whether it happens while exploring the city, in content from my classes, or the spa industry.”—Amy MacArthur, editorial intern