Arrigo Programme Brings Self-Awareness to NYC

spa relaxation area with lounge chairs and white curtains

I’ve always wanted understand why I am the way I am, but the work required to get there can be taxing. Finding someone with the right experience is valuable to achieving such self-knowledge, too. Fiona Arrigo of The Arrigo Programme, a qualified international psychotherapist, intuitive healer, mentor, life teacher, and winner of Best Holistic Hideaway from the Conde Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2015 may be just the right professional, and she has announced her next New York Wellness Series Nov. 14 to 21. During one-on-one sessions (starting at $220, 60 minutes) in a private suite at The Surrey, Arrigo will work deeply to understand and encourage clients to explore behavioral patterns and current beliefs to enable them to find their authentic selves, and leave room for personal change and development. Designed to be a safe, calming space liberated from everyday life, Arrigo will offer a unique blend of grounded emotional intelligence and compassion created to connect mind, body, and spirit. The sessions will be intellectually stimulating and offer practical advice and tools to overcome past challenges and incorporate newfound self-knowledge in their daily lives.