Celestial Triple Header Brings Balance

If you’ve been feeling antsy or restless lately, you’re not alone. February’s full moon, which shines tonight, is known as the quickening moon, cold moon, snow moon, or ice moon and represents the restlessness common this time of year. We just had a blizzard and close to a foot of snow in New York City, so it makes sense that most people are impatiently waiting for spring. It’s not just the weather that needs to change; it’s a good opportunity to focus on habits you’d like to upgrade or ways to reach meaningful personal goals. While you’re busy contemplating a lifestyle overhaul, the night sky is all-abuzz as well. In addition to the full moon tonight, there is a lunar penumbral eclipse and a comet flyby within our view. According to NASA, the penumbral lunar eclipse will occur at 7:43 pm Eastern. Subtler than a total lunar eclipse, the outer shadow of the Earth blocks some of the sun’s rays from reaching the moon so it appears slightly darker than usual. In general, eclipses provide spiritual grounding, and this particular type of eclipse is conducive to reflection. If the heavens tonight are any indication, things are definitely looking up but only if you do.


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