Drake Tunes and Yoga Unite for Namasdrake

Throughout National Yoga Month, we've been sharing the many unique ways yogis are posing and celebrating their practice along with the extra-special mat offerings luxury spas have launched. One class that's become an overnight hit is Namasdrake. Like the name implies, this class combines the catchy beats of Drake with Vinyasa flow for a memorable experience in a nightclub in Los Angeles. Perfect for all levels, the 60-minute flow promises to take participants from 1 to 100 real quick with the tagline 'just hold on, we're going om.' Two DJs created the class with a curated playlist of the rapper's hits that pair well with yoga poses. It's become so popular that another class is taking up residency in Philadelphia's Voltage Lounge this weekend. Post-workout, Drake-themed drinks will keep the good vibes flowing.

Now, when that hotline bling, it might just mean yoga. How has your spa enhanced your yoga offerings this month to entice new yogis?