Healthy Skin Smoothie

Even when the temperatures start dropping, I still crave smoothies packed with fruits, veggies, or nuts. At a recent event I tried a new scrumptious recipe and was introduced to a genius beauty collaboration idea. The smoothie was simple, containing five locally sourced, natural ingredients, but Mulberry & Vine created it to provide skin benefits based on Sarah McNamara's Miracle Skin Transformer line to help improve skin from the inside out.

The Miracle Skin Smoothie:

  • Coconut milk: hydrates skin to keep it soft, smooth, and supple
  • Sesame milk: is full of zinc, an essential mineral for producing collagen and increasing elasticity in skin
  • Honey: contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that draw out impurities from the skin targeting breakouts, reducing redness and calming inflammation
  • Vanilla: is packed with antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental damage and signs of aging
  • Sea salt: is a natural detoxifier, that allows the salt to absorb the toxins from the skin

What beauty smoothies would fit with the skincare offered at your spa?