How to Improve Sleep with a Ritual

woman sleeping peacefully on white bedding

When my girls, who are now eight and eleven, were babies I was very dedicated to their nightly bedtime ritual that consisted of bath, lotion massage, and bedtime story and song. It never occurred to me that as an adult that maybe I might need my own nightly ritual. I learned recently at a Chill event at Spatec Fall event at the JW Marriott Tucson Star Pass Resort & Spa (AZ), that I am one of 60 million Americans who have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep three or more times per week. And that the gender split is 2:1 women. Chill was hosted by Robert Michael de Stefano, chief marketing office and director of wellness programs for Longeva Wellness Driven Skincare, who is also a self-described Personal Z-Fitness Trainer. He walked us through a blend of CBT/Narrative Therapy with a little spirituality, some somatic and breath work, layered with aroma and music therapy, and always, positive inspiration to encourage us to keep practicing! I happen to fall into the category of those that fall asleep but then wake up multiple times per night, and I know that this impacts my health and my ability to function throughout the day. Project Z is a sleep wellness initiative in collaboration with Robert and Longeva Skincare that includes products and treatments with the DreamKit NightSpa Beauty Sleep Ritual along with educational workshops such as Go from Type A to Type Z. According to Robert, the goal is to use the “spa as a training ground to educate, motivate and inspire guests to turn their spa experience and wellness education into sleep wellness practice at home.” I did sleep better this week, and I plan to incorporate what I have learned when I return home, so that hopefully I can start to sleep like my babies do.—Kristina Panter