Mind-Body Harmony

Spas are known for providing a haven for healing. They offer relief from day-to-day stresses, solve skin problems regularly, and send guests off to face the real world in a brightened, rejuvenated state. More and more spas are looking to heal more than skin deep, with mindfulness programs, fitness, and more. A new limited offering at Cornelia Spa at The Surrey (New York City) helps clients achieve new levels of healing, power, embodied awareness, and energy. The Matesic Method, led by master teacher Chris Matesic, combines chakra, yoga, tai chi, and core performance training. Through his one-hour classes offered every Wednesday and Saturday June 11-28 in the Private Roof Garden at The Surrey he aims to help participants live in alignment with their souls. On Saturdays the experience is elevated with a concert violinist accompaniment.

How does your spa help guests connect mind and body for ultimate healing?


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