Pilates at The Plaza Hotel

TRN instructors at La PalestraWriting about the spa industry, I receive an abundance of invitations to sample yoga classes. Yoga is the longtime spa fitness partner and brings plenty of all-around wellness benefits. In the last few years, I’ve been thrilled to see other modalities (like Pilates, high intensity interval training, and surf-inspired classes) making their presence known in spas. Because my own yoga practice hovers in the beginner range, it’s nice to have the opportunity to participate in fitness classes that better match my strengths. I visited La Palestra at The Plaza Hotel this week to sample a workout offered by TRN, a new app that connects potential clients with high quality instructors and elite private training when and where it is convenient for them. TRN’s Pilates director Michelle Mandel lead the mat class and focused on core strength, correct alignment, and toning muscles. Pilates is one of my favorite workouts, so it was the perfect opportunity to learn about the app and flex my muscles in a comfortable environment.

The TRN app is the brainchild of Greg Peters and Pat Manocchia, who is also the founder of La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine (New York City). It promises health and fitness that revolves around you. Hour-long sessions for Pilates, yoga, personal training, and swimming are $125 and can be booked for the home, office, or outdoors. Instructors are available in New York City and Miami so far, with more cities in the works. It’s yet another on-demand wellness option that appeals to busy New Yorkers. For more on the on-demand wellness apps trend, check out a full story in our May issue.