Recovery Retreat

Sunny weather and warm temperatures beckon even the most ardent couch potato to get moving and get outside. Few can say no to an afternoon walk in the park or a dip in a luxury spa pool. Summer schedules are also bursting with every K distance from five on up, marathons, obstacle courses, and triathlons to appeal to the more athletically inclined. These athletes deserve, and need, serious pampering during training and after the big event, and many spas are taking notice and reaping the rewards. The Spa at Whiteface Lodge (Lake Placid, NY) launched a dedicated menu of Modern Man treatments ideally timed for men competing in the Ironman Triathlon on Lake Placid July 27. The services aim to tame overused muscles and rejuvenate the mind and body with options including Deep Tissue Massage (starting at $125, 50 minutes; $170, 80 minutes), Sports Massage (starting at $125, 50 minutes; $170, 80 minutes), or Energizing Foot Remedy ($65, 50 minutes). Men can also opt for specialized facials and hand treatments to emerge renewed and ready to face the next race.

What treatments are the most popular with your spa’s visitors in the summer?

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