Red Mountain Resort Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary

Anniversaries are a mark of significant hard work and, as such, each one deserves a proper celebration. The Red Mountain Resort (Ivins, UT), known for its unique getaway offerings, is celebrating 15 years in the business with 15 percent off their adventure retreats. Guests get to revel in the milestone too. Every stay includes guided hikes, world-class mountain biking with complimentary rentals, fitness classes, and three nutritious meals daily. This resort gives guests the tools to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Destinations like The Red Mountain Resort that provide a variety of activities are especially appealing to fitness fanatics like myself. When I'm on vacation I want to keep up with my workouts but not necessarily hit the gym. A hike or bike ride fits that need perfectly. My ideal vacation leaves me feeling stronger and healthier than when I left home.

How does your spa help guests improve their physical fitness during their stay?