Refocusing on Inner Beauty

In the last few months, we’ve all seen a lot of ugliness. This election season has been especially heated with much more than mud slinging back and forth. It hasn’t been limited to the candidates or campaign advertisements either. I’ve noticed angry exchanges among friends as they shared their views on the issues, the candidates, and vilified the opposing side. A lot of people thought today would bring a sense of relief, but if my social media feeds are any indication, few people feel relief. What has come out is a lot of different reactions. For supporters of both parties, there is a lot of emotion and many are releasing it (the good, the bad, and yes the ugly) all over social media. When our digital and real worlds become filled with so much ugliness, it’s a good time to remember the value of inner beauty. Here's how Lycored, a company that specializes in carotenoids and makes a range of supplements and nutritional products, has encouraged people to #rethinkbeautiful.



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