Reignite the Power of Ritual

Ritual plays an integral role in spas. Loyal spa-goers come to expect a specific series of relaxing events when they walk through the doors, and therapists follow carefully designed protocol to achieve the intended results. A new book, "Your Hidden Riches" released today, goes into further detail about the power and history of ritual in family, wellness, finance, and more. "Ritual is a way to open your heart, to connect with your soul, to activate that part of your brain that connects you to something far greater than yourself,” says Sylva Dvorak, Ph.D., coauthor of Your Hidden Riches. “Ritual that is enjoyable, uplifting, and meaningful will create coherence in your body and mind. This coherence offers the possibility of creating more balance and harmony in your life."

All successful people incorporate rituals into their lives to help them perform at their best, stay calm under intense pressure, and to create balance. But few talk about their rituals because they’re very personal. Here are a few celebrities who have talked about them:


Simon Cowell

Ritual: Climbs a tree daily. Why? Exercise certainly, but there are many other, more conventional ways to get exercise. When you live a life with intense pressure and many responsibilities, an activity that lets you be a kid, have fun, and not take life so seriously can provide a welcome relief along with a feeling of balance.


Serena Williams

Ritual: Bounces the ball five times before each serve. Why? Most likely because it helps her focus and make sure she’s fully present in the moment when she serves.


Warren Buffet

Ritual: 12+ hours per week playing bridge, often with Bill Gates. Why? It’s fun and relaxing. Plus, the same skills required for successful investing Buffet-style are required for bridge.


Colin Farrell

Ritual: Always wears the same boxers when he starts a new movie shoot covered in shamrocks with “the luck of the Irish” on the waistband. Why? Our guess is because they make him feel lucky.  Plus, they’re associated with things he loves and cares about. Rituals are valuable when they have personal meaning.

Have you considered the role ritual plays in your spa and in your own life?


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