Resorts Offer Unique Yoga Hybrids

Looking for a way to jazz up your spa’s fitness offerings? Try one of these innovative new yoga hybrids.

Spinning + Yoga = Spoga
The BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia is offering Spoga, which involves an invigorating 30-minute cycling session at resort’s new sky-high Tree House spin studio, followed by 30 minutes of yoga on the Zen Deck, the patio located on the studio’s rooftop.

Kayaking + Yoga = KaYoga
KaYoga at Sea Island, Georgia and St. Petersburg, Florida is the hottest new exercise craze to hit the beaches and waterways. It combines kayaking and yoga to create an invigorating, fun workout. 

Laughing + Yoga = Laughing Yoga
Laughing Yoga at Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai combines simple laughter exercises with gentle yoga breathing to enhance healing and happiness.

Are you mixing up your yoga offerings with fun hybrids? Share your ideas here!