Run With A View

runwestin, westin resorts, running day, chris heuislerI will admit that in moments of weakness, I’m guilty of snapping a photo of my salad for Instagram. I don’t know what compels any of us to be that person, but I’m not alone. Maybe it’s because it’s a way to prove to the world that I know how to take care of myself, and maybe even brag a little about healthy habits. It might not be a guilty pleasure anymore either, thanks to a catchy social media campaign.

On National Running Day earlier this month, the Westin Pasadena launched a new program to motivate guests, starting with a 5K run led by resident runWESTIN concierge Chris Heuisler and Pasadena native Sophia Bush. The healthy initiative also introduced a fun and healthy social media campaign. Participating Westin hotels are now offering a revamped runWESTIN program, which provides guests with local running maps of  three- and five-mile routes that include five picture-worthy spots for people to share on social media using the hashtag #runwithaview. This is a great way for guests to stay in shape, and, maybe even more importantly, share the experience and encourage their friends and followers. The maps outline the best running routes near each hotel and also highlight the best places along the route to snap a photo. You can check out runWESTIN’s #runwithaview trend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

What picture-perfect attractions are around your spa? Do you encourage guests to share their experiences on social media?

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