Six Senses Laamu Trains the Mind

Six Senses Laamu Mind Fitness Program

Six Senses Laamu Mind Fitness Program (photo courtesy of Six Senses Hotels Resorts SpasAfter a weekend of gluttony with a side of gratitude, most clients are worried about squeezing in extra gym time to work off the feast. During the stressful months, training the mind is equally important. It too can become fitter with regular exercise in the form of meditation and mindfulness. Improved concentration skills, greater clarity, more emotional positivity, and a better ability to enjoy the moment are all hallmarks of a fit mind. Even better, those are within reach thanks to the three-night Mind Fitness program ($1,115 per person not including accommodations) launching this winter at Six Senses Laamu (Maldives). The program blends the expertise of in-house experts with specialist therapies and wellness activities that have been used for centuries to calm the monkey mind and bring about a sense of stillness and peace. The following treatments help calm and ‘exercise’ the mind:

Nasyam (30 minutes)
In Ayurveda, nasa hi shiraso dwaram means that the nose is a doorway to the head. Nasyam is a therapeutic treatment that uses medicated oils to gently cleanse the nasal and sinus cavities and the throat, increasing oxygenation and promoting clarity of the mind.

Shirodhara (90 minutes)
Shirodhara is an ancient stress-releasing practice during which warm oil is poured over the third eye to calm the nerves, release stored emotions and purify the mind. In Ayurveda, it is also considered important for the pursuit of higher states of consciousness. It assists in treating fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, headache, excessive thinking, nervousness, and many other conditions related to the nervous system. Regular treatment enhances blood circulation to the brain, improves memory, nourishes hair and scalp, assists in providing sound sleep and calms the body and mind.

Pranayama (45 minutes)
Prana (life force) yama (control) utilizes breathing techniques to remove blockages in energy channels, strengthen the respiratory system and tame the monkey mind, calming down its extrovert tendencies and minimizing the thought process. Regular practice of pranayama nourishes the nervous system and helps improve focus and memory.

Mindfulness meditation (45 minutes)
Regular practice focuses on being aware of every moment, sound, smell and our surroundings. This form of meditation can help relieve a variety of psychological and physical conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety. It also makes the mind strong enough to deal with daily emotional issues.

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