Spa Montage Offers Variety to Yogis

While watching the latest episode of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" this past weekend, I made several observations. First, Kim Kardashian made the right move getting rid of Kris Humphries. He seems like a complete loser. Second, Kourtney's husband is no prize either. And third, "naked yoga" would not be my cup of tea. Let me explain: In the episode, Kourtney, Kim, and several friends all gathered in the sisters' hotel room, where a naked male instructor taught a yoga classs where the participants were encouraged to remove any and all clothing that they felt comfortable with. Personally, I enjoy basic yoga and usually am willing to try new experiences, but I require all of my, and my instructor's, clothes stay on. In fact, just last weekend while visiting Spa Montage in Laugna Beach, I had one of the best private yoga sessions ever, where my intructor combined several techniques into one customized (fully clothed) experience. The spa also offers guests the following options:

Montage Yoga Ritual: Experience the benefits of yoga by uniting mind, body and breath with the elements of the ocean.

Vinyasa Core Yoga: A dynamic flow series of postures and core strengthening exercises linking mind to body through breath.

Yoga Flow: A Vinyasa flow yoga designed to energize the body, calm the mind and heighten awareness.

Yoga Renewal: Discover a deeper level of relaxation with yoga poses that allow the body to restore.

And while I was told that any private class can be tailored to fit the wants and needs of the students, I'm pretty sure everyone stays dressed. As for how the Kardashian girls enjoyed their experience, I'm sure "E!" will be running repeats all week, so you can judge for yourself. And in my opinion, even if the sisters didn't get a full workout, watching their session sure provides silly entertainment!