Tequila Time

tequila day, national tequila day, spa specials, cocktail inspired spa treatmentsMy dad had a saying: everyone loves tequila, until the night they stop loving tequila. Be that as it may, with National Tequila Day today, spas are offering guilt-free tequila treatments. We found a few fabulous (and hang-over free) treatments last year, but there’s always room for more! Check out this batch of spirited services.

The Margarita Tequila Body Shot Scrub ($75, 45 minutes) at Karma Day Spa (Tuscon, AZ) uses tequila, salt, and fresh lime and orange essential oils. This delicious treatment lightens the spirit while cleansing and rejuvenating the body. To keep things guilt-free, this treatment ends with a refreshing virgin margarita.

At The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita (Mexico), the signature Punta Mita ($189, 50 minutes; $267, 80 minutes) uses tequila, indigenous sage oil, and traditional Mexican healing techniques.

Will your spa take a shot at National Tequila Day?